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Okay, I promise there’s no baby on the way… there’s just a HOUSE on the way! We finally sealed the deal on the most perfect place, and you’re going to love the story!

I’ve always heard people talking about how fun it is to track their journeys through life on their blog, and I never quite understood it. I have always loved reading blogs, and getting a peek into other people’s lives and homes, but I’m starting to understand the magic now. A few months ago, we were desperate to buy a new house. I was tired of rental homes, I was frustrated with the home searchtoddler pillow cases, and I finally found a place of contentment with our current space. Then it all fell into place and we found our dream home. I love that I’ll always have this little corner of the internet to go back to, to remember the difficult process, and see how it all came together so beautifully. Long story short: I love my home and I love my blog!

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One of my friends heard that her neighbors were getting ready to sell their house. It’s a gorgeous craftsman-style home with a huge, incredible yard and a white picket fence (not joking). It’s just beautiful, and it seemed like exactly what we needed. So she kept her ears open and gave us a shameless plug every time the topic came up. She worked her magic (I owe her big time) and scored us a meeting with this sweet couple before they had even put their home on the market! So one day, Ryan and I showed up, flowers in hand, and knocked on the door of our dream home. The sweetest elderly couple opened the door and welcomed us in. They gave us a tour of the home, and showed us every little detail. The sweet wife showed me her garden, which, I hate to say will never remain at the state of perfection that it’s at now! They welcomed us in like we were old friends, and then we asked to buy their house.

They were absolutely set on selling their home to a family with young children that loves Jesus and loved her yard. (Sidenote, my husband LOVES to garden, he knows all the flower names so he was chatting her up about that before we even knew this was one of her big things- I call this his best grandma trick!). So we happened to fit the bill! We went back and forth a little bit on the price, we said our goodbyes, and gave them a few days to think over their decision. Two days later, they gave us a call. They were ready to move forward! We got all set for a June 14th close date, and got the papers signed and sent off in the following days.

And it was done! We bought a house. We found an incredible house that is absolutely perfect for our family. It has all the room we need (and more!), a mother-in-law apartment that will be my Linen &; Ivory Studio. Of course we will want to do a few (years) of face-lift projects here and there, but right now it’s exactly what we need. We call it our dollhouse. Perfectly quaint, perfect for us. We will live right next to some of our best friends (and the kids’ besties!), it’s in an incredible neighborhood, and (amazing bonus perks) the kids’ bus will pick them up for school RIGHT outside our door. You guys, no more school drop off! I don’t have to get out of my pajamas (#workuniform) to send my babies off to school!

So, if you can’t tell, we’re thrilled. We’re packing like crazy, purging #allthethings, and we’re SO excited to start this new chapter in our lives! For everyone that sent along encouragement and advice throughout the process, and celebrated with us when we got the news, THANK YOU! It makes such a huge difference to have a tribe of people that are with us through all the ups and downs.

P.S. Keep an eye out for my Memorial Weekend SALE coming tomorrow morning!?

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