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toddler pillow cases “Thanks For Helping Me Grow” Teacher Cards {With Free Printable} diy home decoration

Hi Friends!?The school year is coming to a close. ?It’;s been a good year in Kindergarten for my little one. It’;s just amazing how much they grow over the school year. We wanted to give his teacher a little thank you so I sat down and come up with this simple card. I used my Silhouette machine to cut out all the pieces but I also have a way for you to make these teacher cards even if you don’;t have a machine. Ready to make one of your own?

No Machine? No Problem.

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Silhouette Instructions:

First, download my Silhouette cut file. You can find it here: Teacher Cards file. We will be using the Print and Cut Feature. I placed a picture of my son and sized it down so that it fit the middle circle of the flower. I set my words to “;no cut”; in the cut settings and made sure that my registration marks were on. Once your document is ready to be print go to File >;>; Print.

Once your project is printedtoddler pillow cases, it’;s time to cut. Place the white cardstock on the cutting mat and send it to the Silhouette. I opened up a new document and copied my flower image. I cut that out with glitter cardstock. I then copied over the back of the card to my new document and cut that out with kraft cardstock.

No Machine??

If you don’;t have a machine you can still make your own teacher cards?by using punches! I created a printable file that you can find here:?Teacher Card. Print that out and cut with scissors. Punch out the glitter flower using the scalloped punch. Using your favorite photo editor or Picmonkey to size the picture way down. You will only need it to be about 1 to 2 inches. Print the picture out on your printer. Use the circle punch to create the middle of the flower. Done!

Once everything is cut out, it’;s time to assemble your teacher cards! Glue the white cardstock to the kraft cardstock. Glue the picture to the middle of the flower.

I used 3D pop up adhesive foam to give the flower a little dimension. Place it on the card.

I added some ribbon and craft stick so that I could place it in a?pot with some plants. Done!

That’;s it! A sweet little end of the year card for your favorite teacher!

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