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toddler pillow cases build a gingerbread geodesic dome (vicariously or otherwise) geometric cushion covers

(Video link here.) Last year around this time, we wondered “;WHY NOT make a modernist gingerbread house, rather than the usual Victorian style?”; Making gingerbread houses and structures allows you to act out your architectural and sweet-tooth fantasiestoddler pillow cases, and are a perfect holiday activity to do with friends or kids; they invite collaboration and the pushing of limits.

We have never seen anything that nailed gingerbread-building better than this video of the making of a geodesic dome gingerbread house: from the creation of a structure to the baking of walls to the final, wild, decorating with sugary delights of all kinds. It’;s a way to vicariously experience the magical process…;but…;

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…;if you want to build your own geodesic dome and feel you need a little help, you can order a kit from Scout Regalia, with a template and complete instructions.?(We’;re thinking you could make a six-sided template to cut out gingerbread “;tiles”; and then use an inverted bowl to give the dome structure…;)

Buckminster Fuller would have loved it.

photo via?Prefabricated Urban

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Decorating for holidays is quite an easy task since you have a theme to follow but what to do during the ‘theme-less’ time in between? No color scheme to follow, no characters to add to your decor… oh,?what to do… Our Crew member,?Mona Leonard?came up with a solution to this problem – take an old bowl that you probably have stashed somewhere at the back of your cupboard and upcycle it to?become your ‘in-between?centrepiece’.?

Yes, you read that headline correctly! Some of you might recognize him from the Step Up?dance films or his performance with Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards, but chances are you’ve probably mistaken him for an actual robot in your Instagram feed. Chadd Smith, more commonly known as?@maddchadd?on Instagram, has quickly become one of the most entertaining performers on Instagram with his unique and mesmerizing style of dance.?We partnered with him and his wife Leigha to create a dining room fit for the future…


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